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How it works

KonstructApp is a multi-sided user generated platform that leverages social selling and social proof in construction demand and supply.

Quickly Pre-qualify

Post jobs to receive competitive bids, and view technical competence in minutes by accessing qualifications, professional experience, and service provider’s social proof in ratings and reviews.

Promote Services

Create Portfolio to show-case projects, services and promote leveraging social selling. Display certifications, verifications & ratings. Update status and share on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp.

Quick Loans

Access quick in-app loans for LPO financing or projects such as emergency home repairs and renovations, and spread repayments.

Stimulating Africa’s Construction

save cost and time

Save Cost & Time

Social selling

Social Selling

 Revenue & capacity

Revenue & Capacity

What we offer

Construction Networking.

How we are doing it

KonstructApp promotes smart engagement and helps people make data driven decisions. We make it easy for individuals and businesses to connect with verified construction services, and enhance your capacity to grow.